Manufacture of Lighting products

Tektite Industries, based in Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A., manufactures and distributes LED flashlights, LED replacement bulbs, HID lights, dive lights, strobes, signaling lights and knives serving customers demanding the most rugged products in the Outdoor, Industrial, Public Safety and Military markets.

Portable Aviation ground support lighting

What we offer

Tektite Landing solutions are the most cost-effective choice of aircraft operators, including private, military, fire fighters, and government operators worldwide. Our rugged and waterproof strobes, helipad, and runway lights can be seen for miles at night and are designed to operate in almost any environment. Used for LZ,DZ, SAR, and position marking. Infrared (IR) versions of our strobes are available for military and police use.
Tektite is a registered Prime contractor with the U.S. federal government (CAGE 1L1J6) and regularly completes special projects for governments and military's worldwide. We're experienced at developing solutions to meet the unique needs of government agencies. Modifications to our commercially available products are regularly done to complete special orders.

What we are looking for

We are looking for Distributors in the Government and aviation sectors.


  • Optronics
  • Individual equipements

Collaboration sought

  • Other: Distribution



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