Image and Signal processing applications

Since 2003, TechwaY has developed unique skills in using FPGA technology to create Image and Signal processing systems.

Our products are the result of our engineering activities in the field of Defense and our R&D, carried out in close collaboration with our customers and partners. Our ambition is to simplify the use of FPGA technology, to deliver advanced, affordable image and signal processing systems.

We offer a range of cards :
PCIe, Versatile FPGA Plateform (PFP)
VITA 57, Mezzanine for analog and digital interface ( FMC)

And functional systems as :
SMART BOX, Customisable box for signal and image application
SWITCH ARINC818, Video switch box for ARINC 818
PCIe CXP, Acquisition and FPGA processing platform for CoaXPress cameras
RECORDERS, High speed data recorders

We are located in France near Paris.
TechwaY is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Signal and image processing applications

What we offer

TechwaY is specialist in signal and image processing applications. TechwaY offers FPGAs based computer together with ingeneering services engineering services. Our engineering are serving the MCOTS concept (Modifiable Commercial Off The Shelves).

Our business partners :
TechwaY relies on partners at the leading edge of the technology to expand its own products offer. Our portfolio of suppliers is the result of continuous technological surveys. We favor collaborations that revolve around common R & D projects.

Our partners’ offer :
Acquisition and processing (signal, image, video)
FPGA technology (personalization by TechwaY)
ARINC818 (video for avionics)
High speed data recorder (signal and image)
Embedded computer

What we are looking for

Defence is our core business. Our solutions are targeted for application such as Radar or EW systems and are in operation in several operational projects. They are mature and well supported by our experienced engineering team.

We are looking for new technology partners which could integrate our technology and partners from which we could buy technology. We are also looking for international distributors.


  • Communications
  • Surveillance
  • Optics

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement



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