Electronic subcontracting

NFelec is a French company based in Besançon, microtechnology area located in the East of France.
The company specialises in electronics subcontracting and covers different services from prototype to manufacturing of small series. The company can also offer mounting or reparation services for companies as MERCURA or CAME.

The company realises specific developments in the field of renewable energies and is finalising a project of hybrid UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) with vertical takeoff and long range. A cooperation has been engaged with ENSMM, National Engineering School.

Electronics after sales services subcontracting

What we offer

NFelec is specialised in the reparation of electronics cards and subsets.

The company is working for companies as MERCURA or CAME for their after sales services. Mostly composed of electronics technicians, the company has developed a strong know-how and expertise. A database with available reparations has been delevoped and is accessible through Internet with secured login.

Very reactive team - quality and adaptability to clients' requests in terms of process, packaging...

What we are looking for

The company offers a complete range of services to companies manufacturers or integrators of electronics by taking in charge partially or totally their after sales services.


  • Access control
  • Mobility
  • Individual equipements
  • Fabrics

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation



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