Trading company

We focus on initiating innovation programs and providing products that support the professionals in the defense, homeland security and critical infrastructure organizations.
BSS is passionate helping customers to understand what kind of effects new and/or innovative technology has on their strategy, management/command control , training, organization, material and personnel.
Broadfield Security Services (BSS) was established in 2008 as an autonomous and independent Dutch trading company with an international dimension able to provide expertise in integral security issues. The founders of BSS and the associated partners and professionals have access to a large international network of defense & security professionals with extensive experience in critical infrastructure, listed companies, defence and homeland security.

portable water filtration and purification solutions

What we offer

Portable water filtration and purification systems for military and homeland security sectors. Products are easy to use, robust, small, light and we have different products available for various water output needs. The systems can be used for vehicles, vessels, FOBs and compounds. All types of water can be used by the systems.

The systems are being used in many countries around the world.

What we are looking for

We are interested to have a discussion on the Aspen Water booth with end users with an interest/need for changing their way of transporting/using and resupplying water during their operations. We are looking forward to meet you!


  • Individual equipements
  • Specific cross-functional technologies


Managing partner

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