Tethered Hovering Platforms

Sky Sapience designs, develops, manufactures and markets autonomous, mobile, tethered hovering machines.
Sky Sapience was established in 2010 to fulfill the growing need for transportable, real-time intelligence and surveillance systems which have no air control regulations, as do standard UAVs.
Sky Sapience caters to the homeland security, military and civilian markets. Its products are designed for a wide range of applications such as border protection, real time reconnaissance & intelligence, fire-fighting, traffic control and emergency response operation.

Sky Sapience has a strong technological core and successfully delivered products, which are protected by several international patents.
Aerodynamics, hovering platforms, defense, reconnaissance, aeronautics, ground forces, intelligence, security, aviation, HLS, ISR, surveillance, border protection, homeland security, military, UAV, critical infrastructure, hovering machines, observation, unmanned vehicles.


What we offer

The HoverMast-100 is a mobile tethered hovering platform enabling extended all-weather, aerial observation and surveillance at the push of a button. Launched from most small vehicles, the stabilized aerial unit can host a variety of payloads. up to 6 kg. Data gathered is transmitted via a wideband communication link to selected recipients in real time. The system is completely autonomous on land and at sea and is ideal for homeland security, law enforcement, military and civilian applications.
The HoverMast-100 is the first in a family of HoverMast systems which is set to include the HoverMast-120 for larger payloads, the seaborne HoverMast-Exo and the HoverMast-C, intended primarily for civilian applications.

What we are looking for

We are looking for:
1. Decision makers that understand the great potential of the HoverMast systems as a major force multiplier in both HLS and military environments.

2. Distributors experienced in the UAV, HLS and military markets for current and future sales of HoverMast systems.


  • Communications
  • Surveillance
  • Optics
  • Mobility
  • Civil defence
  • Specific cross-functional technologies


VP Marketing

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